Why Friends Are Important.

I don’t have anything to write that hasn’t been written before. But still this might be worth your time.

Friends are the most important people in your life.


When you are young, all you care about is your friends. You share your stuff with them because you think, only they can understand you. They help you grow. So, be careful who you call your best friend when you are young because they play an important role in shaping your character.


As you grow older, things might change. Maybe who you called your best friend isn’t your friend anymore. After few months or years you might feel, that’s the best thing happened to you because you learned from it and everything turned out better.


Best part of having true friend when you are older and matured is that you learn what is the meaning of best friend. They are your psychiatrist. They truly understand you. It doesn’t matter how many years you have completed or how much time you spend together. What matters is how well you connect and understand each other every time you talk.


There are different kinds of friends…
You get inspired from your best friend, or your best friend gets inspired by you. Well, with other one all you do is gossip or talk about goals whereas with another one you talk about all the emotional as well as practical stuff.

You always have a best friend with whom you fight most of the time but still won’t leave each other. Whereas there’s one kind who is almost similar to you, so you discuss all those stuff! Also, there are the ones who you don’t talk to daily but still, things never change between you two. There are even the ones you don’t know much about but still the feeling is as if you guys know each other from ages. With other kind, all you talk about is movies, tv shows and comics stuff or studies!

And lastly​ there’s the one who isn’t your best friend anymore.

But still, you love everyone of them. You feel grateful and happy that you have them in your life. Be thankful to them even the ones who isn’t your friend anymore because you learn from everyone of them!

Friends make your life a better place for you to live in this world.

When you change, it might be difficult for your close friends to cope up with, but they accept you as you are. When you feel guilty about something you think was your fault, they don’t judge you because you are not what you think you are. They show you, your true worth. They encourage you and are always there with you no matter what happens. They help you see the good things about you which even you didn’t know about yourself. The worst thing you can do is to take them for granted. They will even scold you when you are wrong and support you when you are right. And might as well kill the person who hurts you 😉

True friends are your silent guardians.

Let your best friends know once in a while that you love and miss them because doing it daily will be annoying. Be thankful to them for being the part of your small world.

Friends are the second family we choose.

From someone who cannot thank you all enough. Love you guys❤️


You can also folow me on medium- “Why Friends Are Important.” https://medium.com/@apeksha_mehta17/why-friends-are-important-d567d7098e2c

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