Story of a young broken heart.

When the first time he told you I love you,

you couldn’t believe that someone might actually think you are beautiful because love is beautiful and that’s all one needs in life.

You were overwhelmed by the thought that fairy tales do exists,

and loved all the happy moments it brought.

Being an innocent teenager who didn’t know there exists a cruel world,

you were in your dream world.

You were so in love till the time you understood it was all fake.

You were awake but broken,

couldn’t trust anyone.

So you hide yourself from everyone and lost some friends to become no one.

Our society taught us not to be sad but happy,

so you couldn’t express what you feel.

After few years you learnt to trust again,

still broken but this time you have friends.

It’s all good until you fall in love again, you think he is different from the rest.

You think this is your destiny,

because that’s what we are taught about destiny.

Everything is better now and your heart feels whole again,

until one day it all ends quickly,

making you wonder why does this happen to you?

Maybe you don’t deserve anything?

So you feel the need to push your family away,

because no one will understand you.

After years of wanting to kill yourself with depression,

You learn that having someone to love isn’t everything that matters.

So again you pull yourself back up together and work hard towards your goal,

By this time you are actually mature, and you feel to say no more.

Now you know the importance of your family and friends,

learning to live your life with your broken heart and deal with your pain.

When some strange man enters your life and makes you fall in love once again.

You convince yourself that this man is different,

because now you are mature.

After asking you out a lot of times, you finally say yes!

You make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistake,

But still you get emotionally involved.

This time again it doesn’t work out well,

because you both want different things out there,

So there’s mutual breakup.

You aren’t broken this time,

Continuing your life normally,

thinking this time,

it wasn’t worst, nobody was fake, nobody broke anyone’s heart and left it to mend by itself.

After a few months you come to know about this man,

who you thought you knew,

Till he did some..something which was the opposite of what he told you.

You are broken,


you don’t know how to react anymore,

you don’t know how to feel anymore,

maybe this is you dead inside,

maybe this was it,

your fairy tales you believed in didn’t exist.

And now you don’t believe that two people can fall in love, without one person leaving the other.

Maybe your heart was already broken before so you didn’t feel anything new because you got used to this.

You smiled thinking how can someone break a broken heart?

Maybe you just get stronger and numb but can’t be broken anymore..


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