I want to write, but my hands are shivering. I want to speak, but I’ve lost my voice. My head is bursting from our memories. Tears running down as I lay lifeless on our bed. You are gone, but this home feels like you. Are you really gone? Why don’t you leave my soul? Advertisements

Carpe Diem

And I was sitting alone when everything went silent, chills running down my spine as the cold wind breezed through me. The lamps lit up as it was an end of another beautiful day. That’s when I saw the soft light in the sky and the voices in my head calmed down. The worries, vanished … More Carpe Diem

Growing up.

Afraid to fall, we stopped flying. Afraid to start again, we stopped dreaming. We didn’t bother to look around and before we realized, we grew up.

Loop of hell.

There are days when I don’t feel like working. I don’t feel like talking I just can’t keep up with the world. When isolation is my only escape And it stays for longest days. I feel numb. So I push you away. You see, I’m stuck in this loop that goes on and on where … More Loop of hell.

What is real?

​They say everything around you is real, that world is real. Everyone is as they are supposed to be. Saying my destiny is written, So I’m supposed to be and believe the lies. Don’t think much. Just be. Control your thoughts because sane follows what others do. Believing what I’ve been told my entire life. … More What is real?

Art is freedom.

Trying to find peace with her restless brain, that was short of words to express herself, it won’t let her speak, it won’t let her figure out her life and make her feel worthy. It took a long time for her to understand the true self. Heartbreaks made her see the life full of arts, … More Art is freedom.

Keep going.

While riding on the path where your heart belongs, wondering if you’ll be the winner. My dear friend, you have found something… something which humans search for their whole life but never experience it. You have found your way, touched happiness and felt peace, by doing what you love. So explore this journey! You are … More Keep going.