Wild Card 3 by Asfiya Rahman

Wild Card 3 is a sports fiction series by Asfiya Rahman. I was lucky enough to get a chance to read the third part. The author has summarized the story until now that made it easier for me to understand this one since I have not read the previous two.
This story is about Roshini who is the daughter of tennis champion Karan Mehrotra. She is disabled and had to use a wheelchair since birth. She is a teenager who has just started college. She faces a lot of issues to fit in college which every teenager faces. It might take you back to your days. Her father is overprotective of her and worries about Roshini as her behaviour keeps on changing. Plus, she stops spending time with him.
Everything changes when she starts keeping secrets from him because she feels he won’t support her while the same goes on with her father. He has a secret too. There are supporting characters without whom nothing is possible. There we see the value of friendship and guidance.
A teenager discovering her dream and a father who wants to support his daughter no matter what making things complicated because they don’t want to hurt each other. The story is straight forward and inspiring as Roshini finds her dream irrespective of her disability. It’s a story about courage and not settling for anything less. It’s a story about people who support and guide you as Karan’s friend did. It’s a story about dreams and how to make it come true. It is a lovely story of father and daughter trying to support each other. If you are looking for inspiration, you need to read this one.

Some of my favourite quotes:

“She was being penalized by the system for trying to rise above her disability.”

“Why did every day have to be a potential battlefield?”

“And it’s only when you learn to accept your past that you can truly move forward!”

“I’m not ready to move forward. The only problem is I can’t move back, and I don’t think we can just stay like this forever.”


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