A Man Called Ove

Ove, an old and grumpy, a man wants to live life old-style in a world where change and upgrading things are constant.

The story keeps flowing between the past and present. In the initial chapters, we learn Ove’s personality. But halfway through the novel, we get a deep understanding of his life and the people around him.
The elements of love, friendships, neighbours, loyalty and humanity, are engaging in the novel. Everyone could relate to any of the characters since the story is almost too real and lived by many.

There is one tiny part that I liked the most. The part where Ove describes his father’s personality and wishes if he had a chance he wouldn’t be like him. He doesn’t regret following his father footsteps, but his life would have been easy and different if he hadn’t. He would be able to accept change and be flexible. It makes me wonder how the story would have been if he hadn’t. This part is almost unnoticeable.
I am in love with the author’s writing style and the story.

I found Ove’s character similar to Carl Fredricksen from Up. I have avoided reading this novel for so long but I am so glad I read it.

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