What is real?

​They say
everything around you
is real,
that world is real.
Everyone is
as they are supposed to be.
Saying my destiny
is written,
So I’m supposed to be
and believe the lies.
Don’t think much.
Just be.
Control your thoughts
because sane follows what
others do.
Believing what
I’ve been told my entire life.
What if I’m not real,
I am just believed to be.
Circling inside a body,
staying where they want me to be.
Following the rules
without knowing where I want to go.
We might be real or
maybe we are just a soul
trapped in a body
who doesn’t know it’s true self.

Follow my writings on medium: https://medium.com/@apekshamehta17/what-is-real-5770c3976ea8

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