Loop of hell.

There are days when
I don’t feel like working.
I don’t feel like talking
I just can’t keep up with the world.
When isolation is my only escape
And it stays for longest days.
I feel numb.
So I push you away.

You see,
I’m stuck in this loop that goes on and on
where escaping is up to me,
but I don’t.
I’m drowning.
While you stand there wondering what was your fault.

I want you to know, that it’s not you
It’s me.
It has always been me.
I must face my demons,
but I keep running from it and so I fall back in this loop of hell.

But I’m trying.
Trust me I’m trying to face it
and never return there.
I will come back to you.
So wait for me there.
We will have a beginning.
A new story.

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