Stories can be life-changing

Stories saved me from drowning. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for stories. As an introvert, I always had a hard time expressing my opinions. I wouldn’t even talk about the things I care about the most. As if this wasn’t enough, depression got the best of me. It became my best friend so I put myself in a cage. Depression stayed with me for quite a long time.

Three years ago, I was extremely sick of myself. Everything seemed difficult. So, I decided to start reading. It was something I wanted to do for a long time but never did. I picked up The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma which inspired me to write personal blogs. Writing about my experiences felt so liberating. It felt overwhelming since the responses I received were unexpected. Soon I started attending poetry and storytelling events. Listening to stories made me feel so good. It’s like listening to a song that describes your situation.

Writing and reading stories gave me insight into a different world. A world beyond the darkness. A world that was full of possibilities. I found my light within stories. Reading helped me understand my emotions a bit better. I know they are just stories and not reality but what is a story anyway? It’s a way of conveying genuine emotions. For me, reading became a way of connecting with different types of people. Stories make me feel less lonely. It helps me understand what it means to be human.

Stories helped me to scream out loud about my depression. I have been in love with stories ever since I have started paying attention to tiny details. Now, every face, body language tells me a story. That’s the way I connect with the world or else I feel like an alien. I began exchanging stories with strangers online. Stories take place whenever you communicate with anyone. I started exploring visual storytelling and began watching all kind of cinema. I never knew that cinema is a powerful form of storytelling.

Since I am talking about stories, I want to mention that I love libraries. Whenever my mental health issues became too much, I would go to my favourite library. Libraries make me feel as if I am transported to a different era. I know time machine is still not real but who needs it when you have libraries.

I used to believe that my life could be lived only one way with not much of a future to behold. I felt hopeless most of the time but these stories helped me to see that there is a possibility for more meaningful future that our stories can unfold the way we want to. During my worst time, these stories were my companions. Stories in any format, makes me feel alive. They accept me with open arms no matter how much I leave behind every time to believe more in myself. We are all connected by stories and that’s why it’s important to tell your story. We never know who might get inspired by our story and whose story inspired us. So, be accessible. Don’t be afraid to share your story.


  1. This is so inspiring.. You are a very talented girl Apu😍. A little bit of motivation is what you need❤️. Do your best in whatever things you do in your life

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