Depression by William Styron

William Styron perfectly portrays depression in this novel which is autobiographical and researched based too. He talks about the struggle a depressive person goes through to accept his illness and ask for help. It’s a short read for understanding depression and mental illness.
It’s not necessary to know about the author before reading this book. Must-read book for understanding depression.

PS: This book is not recommended for the ones going through depression. Don’t read it if these things trigger you. This book is only for the ones who want to learn about depression. And for the ones who have been through mental illness but don’t get triggered anymore.

Some of the extracts from the book that could be shared are –

“The pain of severe depression is quite unimaginable to those who have not suffered it.”
“Serious depression is not readily treatable and does not disappear overnight.”
“For me, the real healers were seclusion and time.”

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