Shades of relationship: White

Tired from grief
I get up and plug in the white charger to my phone
kept on my white desk
Annoyed with loneliness,
I go in the bathroom and splash water on my face
Pull my hair up into a ponytail and tie it with my white rubber band
Opening my shutter, I could kiss the sunlight through transparent clouds
Rays don’t make me nauseous anymore
I wear my white shoes and open the main door
It’s scary to step out yet it seems peaceful
to know that I am letting you go and moving forward.

White is empty, bland and cold. But at the same time, it’s pure, innocent and peaceful.

As this is the end of the colour series, I want to mention something important. It has been an amazing experience while working on this series. I tried something out of my comfort zone. It was fun. I loved writing about it.
PS: This series has been my perception of colours concerning the relationship. It’s all about how we choose to see things and colours. There’s nothing right or wrong.


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