The Palace of Illusions

It tells us the story of Mahabharat which we have heard since childhood. But this novel shows us something which we have never heard before. It gives us a completely different perspective of the Mahabharat. It’s the story told from Draupadi’s perspective. This book perfectly portrays the patriarchal world. It also shows us what vengeance can do to a person. It’s heartbreaking though an unusual novel. It’s a bliss to know this novel exists.

My favourite quotes from the book are-

“A problem becomes a problem only if you believe it to be so. And often others see you as you see yourself.”

“wait for a man to avenge your honour, and you’ll wait forever.”

“I thought that if lokas (worlds of gods- Heaven, Earth and Hell) existed at all, good women would surely go to one where men were not allowed so that they could be finally free of male demands.”

“She who sows vengeance must reap its bloody fruit.”

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