The Perfect Love

I won’t ask for a lover that loves me a little more
I won’t ask for a keeper that keeps me safe a little more
I have the one who loves me a little more
I have the keeper that keeps me feel safe a little more
The one that would never leave my side
It took me a while to understand
but now I know that the one I was looking for is there inside me
I hope I could love and keep myself safe to a point where I won’t crave for it because I will give myself what I expect from people
I wish this love would never end but keep growing a little more
Sometimes, it won’t be possible to feel this way which is ok
Because the most difficult thing to do is to love yourself and I am glad that I am trying my best which is enough for me to feel safe


  1. Someone on the sideline will be falling for you.. people who love themselves are incredible, they are the people who attract. 😊 Keep going.


  2. Everyone definitely deserves love. Sometimes it’s easier to love someone else, just so that we forget how much we hate ourselves. But we cannot truly love someone, without living ourself.

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