Looking for something

All my life, I have been looking for something

Something, that won’t make me feel small.

Something, that would keep me going,

Give me a reason to live.

Something that would make me proud of myself,

Let everyone know who I really am,

That one day I won’t be afraid to show my true self.

But I don’t even understand myself, I am trying my best to.

But the more I understand, the more confusing it gets.

As if nothing can make me feel that I am enough.

I don’t know what I am looking for but I know I am trying to find myself, like everyone else.

Aren’t we all looking for our true selves? Trying to understand a bit more of ourselves?

And it’s so confusing.

Why are things this way?

What do I want?

What am I meant to be?

What am I looking for?

Even though you do the things you want to do, it feels incomplete.

Maybe we need a new purpose, a new goal when we pass one.


  1. So true! Sometimes we feel we’ve found it! And then sometimes we feel we’ve lost it! But the truth is we’ve got to keep looking. Keep looking for something. Anything. Because life keeps changing, time goes on. And we have to move on. Nothings permanent. But there’s beauty in being doomed too, to perish one day. It makes each day special, because our time is limited. And what we have right now is all we have.

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