The Shining

First horror book I read.
Jack Torrance, a recovering alcoholic takes up a job as a caretaker of the Overlook hotel during the off-season. He moves there with his wife and son. Danny, the son has shinning who could see the horrific past of the hotel. The novel is scary and brutal. It’s a great novel by Stephen King. Now I know why it’s considered a classic.
Though it’s a great book, this genre is not my type. For the ones who are into horror stories, this is a must-read.
Few of my the quotes I liked- “The tears that heal are also the tears that scald and scourge.”
“The world’s a hard place, Danny. It don’t care. It don’t hate you and me, but it don’t love us, either. Terrible things happen in the world, and they’re things no one can explain. Good people die in bad, painful ways and leave the folks that love them all alone. Sometimes it seems like it’s only the bad people who stay healthy and prosper. The world don’t love you, but your momma does and so do I.”

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