Lockdown thoughts

Some days it’s impossible to move
Some days everything seems difficult
Some days you lose faith
Some days there’s only place for hopelessness and self-loathing
Go on. Feel it. Don’t ignore it.
When you get tired of those feelings, try to find your way back.
So go ahead. Have those days.
Dedicate your whole day just to feel what you are feeling because it’s necessary.
We are not robots. Do nothing if that is necessary.
Seize those days. They’ll teach you more about yourself.
And when you find your way back, you’ll value yourself more than anything.
Those days you will crave something you always wanted to be. And you’ll try your best to be that person.

PS: the last two lines,
‘You will crave for something you always wanted’
‘Try your best to be that person’
These lines don’t need to only involve career and skills.
Like loving yourself. Giving yourself a priority. Reading a book that you always wanted to read or watching the films you always wanted to see. Showing love to your family, friends, and strangers. Not being mean to people for no reason, empathizing more. Being humble. Treating people the way they deserve.
Take your time. Have those days. Go through it.

Heal yourself #youarenotalone

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