A night to remember.

I am waiting for you,
lifeless on my bed.
You walk in quietly,
your arms spread wide,
trying to fill me in your arms
so you can feel at home.
Holding me closely,
as i lean towards you like we are one soul,
for tonight is all what we have.

You’re here for the night.
Comforting me 
with all your words, your actions,
your ideas, your gestures.
I’ll reciprocate, you know my passion.
But the words that you have will make me lose control
And we will loose ourselves within each other.

I crave for longevity,
you crave for me.
Coming closer,
as we hug each other,
say nothing more.
I wish this could be more than a night,
because you are my bright light in the dark clouds.
I cannot face the shadows without you.
I wish we had it all,
More than a night, a lifetime!
I crave for your love.

Suddenly I woke up,
realising it’s all a dream.
I wish for a time machine
for just one night,
dying in your arms,
feeling the warmth of our hugs.
This love was ours.
If only I would have realized sooner how beautiful it was!

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