When everyone is asleep,
rain breaks the silence.

That’s when the night hits you.

You stare at the fan,
the past flashes in front of your eyes.

All the bad memories come back to you.

Unknowingly going deep in your thoughts,
you feel depressed.

Things you didn’t want to think about,
make you realize that you are alone.

You want to sleep but the thoughts don’t let you.

Pulling yourself back together again,
you convince yourself that you can’t be weak, that the night is the reason for your sadness.

You count numbers backward again and again to distract yourself,
making yourself free from the thoughts.

you sleep peacefully knowing that tomorrow will be a new day,
this feelings will be gone until the night hits you again.


  1. wow…that was powerful. Nice picture too to go with it! But seriously it isn’t that easy to just count numbers backward and forget your sadness – going by my past experiences!

    Liked by 1 person

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