When you have an elder sibling.

Note: Not all younger sibling have felt this way. But many definitely have. So this ones is for their elder sister/brother.

You are always told that you are the adopted one or parents were not happy when you were born. You have to follow their orders and get them whatever they want.

You fight with them all the time and they always win because they are the elder ones. You almost hate them because they hang out with their friends and don’t include you.

You want to know them more, but it’s impossible because they think you are a kid. You know you are mature but they don’t approve so you almost let them go.

While growing up you find your people like they have and somehow without anyone’s knowledge you guys grow apart.

Finally one day, they start treating you like an adult. You think maybe now they are trying to get to know you. They start sharing some of their stuff with you so you do the same. You feel happy about it.

When you reach a certain age, you realize that they actually care about you the most and that you were being childish before.

You didn’t realize that the silent guardian was there with you all the time but it was your childish behaviour that drew you guys apart.

Deep down you have always admired and respected them.

They are your true inspiration.

You love them the most maybe more than you love your parents.

Elder Sister/Brother are nothing less than a parent.

You never tell them these things because it’s a crime and they’ll make your life miserable if they know these things.

You hope they understand this because it’s hard to explain this love-hate relationship in words. No matter what your sister/brother does, they love you the most.

Sister/Brother is your first true friend who never gets noticed. That’s one true love you can ever get which will stay forever.

Sister/Brother is the best thing that can happen to you, isn’t it?

If you have really felt this way, just go and tell your elder sibling because they won’t know until you tell them.

Just say:

Sorry for the stupid things


Thank you for everything.

It will make you feel happy and they will know you better. All the misconceptions about each other will vanish.

And for the elder ones, do ask your younger sibling how they feel, once in a while.

Thank you for reading.

Let me know if this helps you.


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  1. Lovely…you have a really different perspective! I feel great to see this cause I haven’t been a great elder brother to my sister; though in the last 4 years or so I have made amends

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