Overcome Your Past.

The carousel never stops turning just like the memories.

-Grey’s Anatomy

There are things you should have done and things that you shouldn’t have.

Regret of not being better at something which you really wanted. It kills you inside as you can’t talk about it because​ no words can explain how it feels. You kill yourself inside because of which you speak less as the time goes by.

But can you really know whether your life would have been better if things didn’t happen the way they did? Can you be sure of it? Ask yourself this question before coming to any conclusion because..

It’s never too late to start anything.

If you really want to change anything then start working again. This can be achieved by letting go. Never try to make the past right because it is gone. Focus on what is in front of you. Be free from all the bad feeling. Remember,

Memories of the past can either make you or break you.

No matter what, keep yourself always occupied with better stuff to do or things from which you can learn, it will help you to move on. Because Letting go and Moving on is the best thing you can ever do. It’s somewhat like being born again. It gives you hope! HOPE that this time it will turn out better if you really work for the thing.

Learn to control your mind and make things happen. Don’t let mind control you because it will destroy you mentally and emotionally. It might take a lot of time to get through it but training your mind daily, surely will make a difference one day. Have patience. Keep going. Be free.

It’s all about guiding your mind in the right direction.

From someone who has learnt a few things.

Thanks for reading.

Let me know what you guys think.

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