Learning to write and speak.

Wanted to say Hello! This is the first time I am about to write and publish something. So please let me know the real reviews.

People observe everything but yet don’t talk about it. We tend to think a lot but ignore it because sometimes we are scared of people or don’t know how to express in sentences. I have been doing the same thing. It took me almost 4 weeks to finally post something, didn’t know where or how to start. But now I am learning to put my thoughts into sentences.

When you are a teenager, you think life is simple and easy. By the time you are about to reach 23, you realize life is simple, but different kind simple. So you start again. Start to learn from scratch. There is nothing to be ashamed of instead it’s a good thing to realize. You start doing the things that are necessary to learn to help you grow. It’s good to have someone to talk to about this who understands you and doesn’t criticize you. It can be a friend or cousin, anyone.

All I want to say is Learn to speak or at least write about it.

Learning is something which never ends.

From someone who has never really spoken before.

Thanks for reading.

“Learning to write and speak.” https://medium.com/@apeksha_mehta17/learning-to-write-and-speak-7b81b02e74ac

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